I am a graphic designer and art director based in the Chicagoland area with 20+ years experience. Using market strategy, brand cohesion, and modern design implementation — I assist organizations in expressing their ethos. Sometimes, I just use intuition. You can view my résumé here.
I have worked for clients and agencies large and small. While gaining experience and insight over the years, I have worn many hats and learned numerous skills. So I consider myself a “well-rounded” designer. However, I do have areas of practice that I enjoy more than others, and have focused on these for most of my career.
  • Identity Consulting
  • Identity Design
  • Identity Standards
  • Brand Consulting
  • Brand Standards
  • Advertising Design
  • Print Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Presentations
  • Websites
Odds & Ends
Here are a few assorted accomplishments that I am proud of.

— T-26 Type Foundry sells my font “Process”
— I make music under the alias “Sugarcane Family”
— My art from “Typeforce 2” is in the Chicago Design Archive
— I created/collaborated on a font for Blacklist Mag
— My family friendly skate company is called Mylo Skate Co
— PIE Books (Japan) has published some of my work