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I am a graphic designer, artist, husband, and father — not necessarily in that order. I started my freelance design studio in 1996 under the moniker Simpletype. Initially motivated by original typeface design creation, my studio eventually grew to include identity, branding, and marketing services. I am now focused mainly on branding practices with experience working for organizations both large and small. However, I do have a soft spot for startups and smaller companies who need a little guidance (and education) on what the power of good design and branding can achieve. With that said, I consider myself to be an asset to any organization that is forward thinking and wants to challenge their graphic communications status quo.

Some of my font designs are still available through foundries such as T-26, LinoType and Fontshop just to name a few. My work has been included in the permanent collection of The Chicago Design Archive for my participation and contribution to Typeforce — the annual type and design event held in the Bridgeport Neighborhood of Chicago; and published in such books as “Bound For Glory”, “Alphabook”, “Typographics Four”, and “Sight for Sound” — all through PIE Publishing (Japan).

On occasion I have produced electronic dance music under the aliases “Sugarcane Family” and “Broham Williams” for such record labels as Dustpan Recordings (Singapore), Elevated Tracks (Chicago), G-Swing Records (Paris), amongst a handful of others. Some of these tracks are currently available through Beatport.

In my spare time I paint abstract works, and spend time with my wife and son. 

Get in touch should you need any branding assistance.

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