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Carlos Segura

Since my college days during the 1990s I have known of (and been inspired by) Mr. Segura's work. First through his T-26 Digital Type Foundry, and then through his graphic design studio — Segura, Inc. It seems everything he does (especially identity and brand work) challenges conventional notions while moving industries forward through his visual communication solutions. Not only in aesthetics per sé, but in concept. The logomarks and marketing collateral all seem to come from a place that can only be described as "of course it had to look that way ". From his typographic choices, to his photography curation and direction, to his minimal (even when technically informed) visual approach — I am always in awe and inspired by what he creates. He is also a strong proponent of self-initiated work, and has the tenacity to conceive, produce, and put out there — work that has no client but addresses issues he'd like to bring light to. You can learn more about him and his work here.

June 1, 2024
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