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I (like most creatives) am inspired by many different disciplines, styles, and sometimes...yes, even trends. For as many years as I have been a graphic designer I have also; painted with acrylics, taken photographs, experimented with hand done type, and even tried my hand at various styles of collage work. Lately (and by lately I mean within the past 5 or so years) there seems to be a resurgence of designers playing with physical materials: cutting, glueing, taping, and assembling analog layouts and collages. This "grunge" approach as it was called in the 1990's was all the rage and defined my generation. Lately, I find myself trying my hand (once again) at these simpler cut & paste approaches — while still using digital production means to better control and position the elements. Not sure this is for me in the long run, but I am having fun for the moment. To see these collage experiments (and more), feel free to check out my Instagram here.

July 1, 2024
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