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Toy Monsters

Having a toddler, I am currently going through the animated movies phase of his interests. It's a nice mental journey back to my youth. We have watched all the classics and some newer ones. Movies like Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Moana, Super Mario Brothers and the like. What is striking me as a designer is all the toys and collectables that come with these films. I grew up with Star Wars and G.I. Joe toys, but never was a collector. Now seeing all these cool and expertly crafted figures and accessories based on the animated movies they come from; I have to say — I enjoy going to the toy store to hopefully see which ones my son might want to acquire. His current focus (and that changes weekly) is on Monsters Inc. And just within this one story (as you can imagine) there is plenty to choose from. Here's just a small offering within this category.

September 1, 2023
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