I help people spark, fuel, or reignite their brand.

hello / My name is Sean Fermoyle and I am a graphic designer/art director, artist, husband, and father — not necessarily in that order. I consider myself to be an asset to any organization that is forward-thinking and wants to challenge their graphic communication status quo — with a special focus on those who'd like to spark (start), fuel (refresh), or reignite (reboot) their brand.services / Identity Development, Brand Architecture, Brand Guidelines, Website Design, Advertising Design, Attitude Adjustment / tactics / Graphic Design, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Vendor Management, Project Management, Devil's Advocacyprocess / 1. Learn (about you & your organization), 2. Audit (your past & present brand assets), 3. Strategize (collaborate on a new direction), 4. Design (create the agreed upon components), 5. Implement (activate all new initiatives) / client work Solberg Design, Igloo Music, SootheSpace, Niles Township, Preservation Compact, Sedgwick, Women's Justice Institute, The Malt House, Anthros, MC&A, Adler University, Disability Lead, Directions Home Loan, Siemens, By The Hand, Shriver, Vsble, Biocut Systems, TerraThrive, LEAP Innovations / personal work / CraigslistPT SupplementTime Capsule for MyloLost Type, Boring, Artworker, Open House, Chicago Sketchbook, Mylo Skate Co., Apple Watch Band / shop Original ArtSelf Published Books, Process Font, ReRush Font, Music Production, Noun Project (re: icons), Mylo Skateboard Co., eBay (re: collectibles) / contact / [email protected], LinkedIn, Instagram, FaceBook, Behance / cheers /  

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